completed 2008 and 2010, Popovičky

cooperation Aleš Herold, Lucie Vogelová

photo Ivan Němec

The investors of the wood-sheathed house did not want to leave the development of the adjacent property to chance, so they recommended the lot and the architect to their friends.

After a few years, the simple archetypal-shaped structure got its counterpart with a facade lined with face bricks.

The fence originally separating the plots has been removed as an unnecessary barrier, so the similarity and proximity of the two structures is underlined by the communal garden.


Buildings of similar size and layout provide housing for families of four.

The dominant feature of the brick house is the two-sided open center of the layout, where a south-facing loggia connects to an elevated area with a round table.

The wooden house features walls of uncoated concrete cinder blocks and an open metal staircase that separates the kitchen and dining room from the sitting area with a fireplace and work area.