Reconstruction of mill, Central Bohemia

completed 2017, Central Bohemia

photo Filip Šlapal

The object has a unique atmosphere, but has been marked by years without care. Inappropriate disposition and humidity led to a radical solution that combined the original character with a significant impact on the structures.

Light and air

It was about letting light and air into the house in the first place. The south shield has been preserved, but a quarter of the structure just behind it has been removed, and the sun is filtering through the glazed cross-section into the interior.

The entrance remained in its original place, but the walkway got a contemporary form of steel. The mill wheel, on the other hand, was made using traditional methods.

We are constantly grateful for the fact that, together, we succeeded in creating something like an oasis of peace and quiet. We give thanks for being able to be happy in our private corner of the world, no matter what...

The Raušer family

Roof truss restoration

The roof truss has undergone renovation, due to the partial opening of the living space over two floors, its beauty can be seen from the ground floor.