in progress 2023, Praha Žižkov

cooperation Jan Sedlák, Ivo Tuček

The important district, which is gradually becoming part of Prague’s city center, attracts business and remains a popular place to live. The seven-storey apartment building with a commercial parterre has a traditional form of block, gaining favorable proportions thanks to the retreating top floor.

Rhythm of loggias and windows

The lapidary facade is characterized by the rhythm of the variously wide windows and loggias, the vivid texture of the bricks and the precise detail.

Only the north wing, adjacent to the main street and having different functional and layout arrangements, escapes the uniform concept of facades.



We entrusted the solution of the courtyard, as well as the surroundings of the house and the residential roof, to renowned landscape architects from the Terra Florida office.

The walls of the courtyard have white plaster that contributes to the lightening and airiness of the semi-public space, with central walkways and ample resting places. An oasis of calm in the busy centre of Prague.