completed 2011, Lety u Dobřichovic

photo FOTES

A seemingly unbuildable plot of land on the left bank of Berounka, between Dobřichovice and Řevnice.

A parcel just 9 meters wide that lies within the flood protection zone has also predetermined the basic layout of the house - a long, narrow mass with living spaces upstairs.

On the ground floor, in addition to the entrance, are technical rooms, a pass-through garage and space for occasional living.


The terrace, on a pergola-protected floor, connects an outdoor staircase directly to the garden, the light construction of these elements is made of galvanized steel profiles.

The elevation of the social space and the glazing of its south face make use of the site's main preference, a beautiful view of a nearby river.


Both the concrete cinder block walls and the monolithic ceiling are visually applied to the interior.

Their raw expression is complemented by the bright colors of the built-in furniture, doors and bathroom tiles.