Family house, Mníšek in Krušné Hory

completed 2017, Mníšek in Krušné Hory

collaboration Aleš Herold

photo Filip Šlapal

A plot of land in a Kručné Hory settlement about a kilometer from the border with Germany, offers a unique panorama.

The favourable orientation of the plot allowed the living space to be turned towards the views and at the same time towards the sunlight.

However, the climate conditions are consistent with an altitude of more than 750 metres, as evidenced by the proximity of the wind farm.


The traditional-looking house is a two-storey mass with a saddle roof, with a ridge parallel to the road, connected to a ground-floor two-car garage whose flat roof also covers the entrance.

... The architect's work was without a fault: from the perfect projection of our wishes into the desing, to ongoing consultations during construction, all the way to finalizing the last details...

The Štěpán family

The short summer season has led to the design of a winter garden or loggia in the central part of the south-west facade, accessible from the living room and the dining room.

Thanks to a large sliding window, the space, with an internal single-arm staircase adjacent to the glass wall, can be opened permanently during the warm season.


While the interior is characterized by wood and light colors, the outside of the house is sheathed in the usual dark planks.