publication 2020, publishing house Kant - Praha

co-author Petr Pištěk

photo of the book Jiří Ryszawy

The book represents the author´s choice of realization of 99 family houses by Czech architects which were designed and built in 2014 to 2020.


See what awaits you in the third installment of the bestselling book about family houses in the Czech Republic.

Each house is accompanied by beautiful photographs of the exterior and interior. In addition to the basic description, the book includes floor plans and cuts, all of them on the same proportional scale. You can compare not only performance, materials, but also size!

The third installment of the publication, together with the previous two, maps family home developments in the Czech Republic over nearly the past twenty years.

ČT Události v kultuře - 99HOUSES /3

A reportage on the third volume of the book 99HOUSES