completed 2018, Brandýs nad Labem

photo Filip Šlapal

The family house is located at the end of the road, in the peripheral Brandýs part of Hrušov.

A ground-floor block with bedrooms and a living room opens onto the garden.

The house is constructed of ceramic blocks with contact thermal insulation, the ceilings are prefabricated concrete panels. Managed ventilation with recuperation contributes to reducing operating costs.


The layout of the rooms is reflected in the compositional design of the southern facade, with the French windows with dark blue frames alternating in a regular rhythm with masonry pilasters carrying fine-grained white plaster.

At the width of the social space, the glazing recedes, creating a loggia.


The rooms are separated from the corridor by built-in wardrobes the shade of window frames. The alternating colour concept is also matched by the white marmoleum on the floor.

The kitchen, bathrooms, storage, technical room and entrance are adjacent to the north facade, the longitudinal corridor running through the layout also serving as a dressing room.