Stempel Tesař Šlapal: family houses

publication 2019, publishing house Kant - Praha

graphics Kateřina Koňata Dolejší

photo Filip Šlapal

22 family houses homes captured in pictures by renowned architecture photographer Filip Šlapal. The book is loosely linked to Stempel Tesař Jasanský: family homes.

Filip Šlapal photographed some of our houses after several years of use. On each visit, we also asked their owners for a brief reflection, which you can read in the book. In addition, each realization is documented by floor plans, cut and basic data.

The beauty of this book is the result of the collaboration of masters of architecture, photography and graphic design.

prof. Miroslav Masák

Charity created by a mistake

A painting by Alena Prosečová, a client of the ART Cultural Community Center, over a misprinted book cover. The back was supposed to serve the painting, but Mrs. Alena turned the paper over... More paintings followed, culminating in a sales exhibition at the Jaroslav Fragner Gallery in Prague.

ČT art, Události v kultuře

A reportage on what the preparation of the new book Stempel Tesař Šlapal: family houses, brought with it, or "Charity created by a mistake"

edition Architecture

The book was published as part of our Architectural edition in the publishing house of Karel Kerlický - Kant.