not completed 2017, Prague Na Viktorce

The proposed apartment building completes the southern part of the block in a former industrial area that is being gradually transformed into a residential one.

The four-storey building corresponds to the height of adjacent buildings and allows good glare on the interior.

There is parking in the basement, most of the ground floor is for business and services.


The slightly planted three floors contain apartments of different sizes, ranging from small to four-bedroom. The wide range of units tends towards a diverse population mix.

The apartments face quiet streets to the south, west or east, or even within courtyard.


The building combines the monolithic concrete of the basement and the ceramic masonry of the upper floors.

The plastic expression of the facades is due to the simple alternation of the window panels and the different deep loggias. White fine-grained plaster is complemented by anthracite frames and glass railings, the parterre giving way to concrete.