Family house with a meditation tower, Kopanina

not completed 2018, Kopanina

The family house is designed for a large plot of land that slopes gently to the north. The solution is based on the principle of traditional homesteads or fortresses, which when placed in open country tend to be arranged as a set of objects enclosing the yard.

The structure consists of reinforced concrete and steel columns, the distinctive attic of the green roof is overgrown with vines.

The slope of the terrain and the retaining walls allowed a facade to be opened around most of the perimeter also in the basement, which contains a common room two storeys high next to the garage, sauna and guest rooms.


The living rooms form a circular ring, protecting the interior from the gaze of passers-by and bad weather. Black-framed glass complements a wooden paneling of full walls.

The family has plenty of privacy, but thanks to the large-format glass, they do not miss out on the panoramic views of the surrounding area or the connection with nature.


The house also includes a reinforced concrete meditation tower with a lookout.