publication 2014, publishing house Kant - Praha

photo of the book Jiří Ryszawy

The book summarizes 30 years of architect Jan Stempel's career. It presents it in the form of an author's introduction, selected realisations and proposals also commented by the author himself and several of his other texts on architecture.

Above all, the book will take on the quality of the structures presented, whether Jan Stempel designed them within the SIAL studio, ADNS or his current own studio with J.J. Tesař.

In addition, there are short essays on Stempel's work by prominent domestic and foreign architectural authorities.


The book is written in a very readable way, which a dedicated insight into the issue can demonstrate in clear formulations. The picture level of the publication is also very good.

edition Architecture

The book was published as part of our Architectural edition in the publishing house of Karel Kerlický - Kant.