completed 2018, Struhařov

collaboration Aleš Herold

photo Filip Šlapal

A house with a slanted roof sunk into a hillside with several levels shifted by half a floor.

From the alley side, the structure acts as a ground floor with a loft, and the garden frontage facing south has one more floor.

The saddle roof is characterised by a slope of ridges and gutter edges.


The unusual form of the house corresponds to a transverse division of the floor plan and a level shift of half the height of the floor.

Walls with panelled ceilings carry thermal insulation, fine-grained white plaster matches the natural colour of aluminium window frames and tin roofing. The openings in the southern facade connect optically.


From the entrance with the garage, you can descend to the living room with kitchen and dining room, which opens to the next level, in a gallery with a study.

The lowest part of the house contains a technical facilities.


The staircase continues up past the children's rooms with a dressing room and bathroom to the master bedroom complete with similar facilities.

The lowest level then belongs to a bedroom with a facilities and a terrace, which is also accessible by an outdoor concrete staircase.