Stempel Tesař Bažant: family houses

publication 2022, publishing house Kant - Praha

visualization Stanislav Bažant

photo Jiří Ryszawy

Enjoy an unusual exploration of not yet built projects. You can see them thanks to visualizations prepared by digital image creator Stanislav Bažant.

ČT art, Události v kultuře

A story not only about the book Stempel Tesař Bažant, but also about the design process

Colour illustrations complement the floor plans and sections of the designs. The book thus opens up the question, which is also addressed by the author of the text, Jana Tichá, of what is actually an architectural creation and how perfect visualisations differ from real photographs.

The publication is an original follow-up to two already published books, in which pictures of the Stempel and Tesař family houses were taken by leading Czech photographers Lukáš Jasanský and Filip Šlapal.

edition Architecture

The book was published as part of our Architectural edition in the publishing house of Karel Kerlický - Kant.