not completed 2020, Prague Hlubočepy

The property is located in the growing structure of the original village of Hlubočepy, which has gradually become part of the city of Prague. Even so, it retains a village character that is enhanced by the natural values in the immediate vicinity - the deep-trough rocks, the Hlubočepský brook.

The composition of the house is divided into two simple masses of row houses in archetypal shape, which are oriented by their ridges parallel to the axis of communication, as is typical in the place.

The design of the house, taking into account the spatial requirements of the building, tries to respect the surrounding development by measuring and settling in the field.

The ambition was to design a house that would integrate into the local structure and promote a harmonious impression of the place. Parking is solved by a shared garage, which is embedded in the terrain and forms a rootstock for the garden.


On the ground floor of the houses is the main living level, which has a direct entrance and a garden located on the roof of the parking.

The attic has bedrooms and sanitary facilities.