Kindergarten, senior housing and village centre, Jeřmanice

competition 2021, Jeřmanice

cooperation Terra Florida, Jakub Kender

Respect for the terrain, natural pathways and hierarchy of planted areas according to maintenance needs into private, semi-public gardens to public landscape features.

A future site for the community centre is reserved in the imaginary centre, around the proposed amphitheatre, which is created by a break in the terrain.

A minimalist water feature is a reminiscence of traditional fountains.

At the kindergarten, the landscape transforms into a garden of variety and richness for the rapidly changing worlds of children's imagination. Play elements are inspired by or made from trees, logs and branches.


The senior housing and daycare is located off North Road. The orientation of the roofscape and the houses follow the contours and let the park influence between them,

which is slowly being transformed into a well-kept garden for the elderly, an oasis of privacy and security for the residents of the houses.