completed 2015, České Budějovice

cooperation Aleš Herold

photo Filip Šlapal

The investor of a luxury two-generation villa in the outskirts of the city wanted a self-accessible apartment unit with its own part of the land for grandparents, a direct connection of the living areas to the garden, as well as the enjoyment of the view.

The house, which looks from the east, street side like a white block with irregularly spaced windows and a recessed entry, has a main room upstairs.

The brick house with monolithic ceilings is equipped with modern technology and offers a low-energy standard.


The building is partly buried in a gentle slope, so that half an atrium breached in the opposite facade is joined by an overflow wave.

The detached south-facing terrace also has a ground floor apartment, above which is a private wing with bedrooms and bathrooms.

Thanks to our excellent architects, we not longer haver to look for the ideal home. Their design is a success, and we enjoy spending time all our time in it

The Nemeth family

Wooden floors and built-in furniture stand out against a white background of walls and ceilings.

Both the dining room and reading room, with its generous glass, open to the city skyline.