publication 2012, 2016, publishing house Kant - Praha

co-author Petr Pištěk

photo of the book Jiří Ryszawy

The books represent the author´s choice of realization of 99 family houses by Czech architects which were designed and built in 2006 to 2012 and 2010 to 2016.


Book launch 99HOUSES 2

The books contain, above all, extensive photo documentation, accompanied by explanatory comments on individual structures.

The photographs are accompanied by drawing documents for each of the structures, namely floor plans and a cut on the same scale of 1:333 and a situation of 1:1000, making it possible to compare size and spatial layout.


The introductory texts will help the general public with an insight into the whole process of design, legislation and implementation. Books appeal not only to potential investors, architects, and architecture students, but also to all who like “good” homes.


edition Architecture

The book was published as part of our Architectural edition in the publishing house of Karel Kerlický - Kant.

ČT Události v kultuře - 99 DOMŮ /2 

A reportage on the second volume of the book 99HOUSES