Český rozhlas Building, Prague

completed 2000, Prague Vinohrady

co-author A.D.N.S. architekti

cooperation Peter Jurášek

The studio house is outwardly unobtrusive to its surroundings, its main side only follows the Vinohrad elevation of the surrounding houses. The facades are clad in slabs of red Scottish sandstone and aluminium panels, the windows are timber-aluminium with external blinds.

The lack of façade space and the need to provide sufficient illuminated offices and recording and broadcasting rooms was one of the reasons for designing an internal space, glazed on two sides, which, despite its apparent uselessness, became the centre of the building.

The structure of the house is reinforced concrete with the requirement to preserve as much concrete as possible in the visual treatment and thus create a distinct impression in the interior of the building.

Other materials such as wood, steel and glass only accompany and complement the bare concrete inside the house.