Stempel Tesař Jasanský: family houses

publication 2019, nakladatel Kant - Praha

photo Lukáš Jasanský; graphics Kateřina Koňata Dolejší

photo of the book Jiří Ryszawy

Let yourself be carried away by the modern architecture of the Stempel & Tesař family houses in the melancholy mood of the Czech landscape.

ČT Události v kultuře - Exhibition Stempel Tesař: Family houses in GJF

The opening of the exhibition, which took place on 10. 1. 2019 at Jaroslav Fragner Gallery

Leading Czech photographer Lukáš Jasanský has planted the structures in relationships with the surroundings, revealing their unique architecture, without the tinsel of sunny days and rich greenery, in inclement weather, with a patina of time.

A series of commentaries from figures in the field of architecture and its theory, evaluating the manuscripts of authors of buildings as well as the individual family home, meanders through the publication with a completely self-contained atmosphere.

edition Architecture

The book was published as part of our Architectural edition in the publishing house of Karel Kerlický - Kant.