not completed 2015, Nitra

The family house is designed for a steep southern slope whose narrow plot corresponds to a former garden colony.

A ceramic-walled house with reinforced concrete ceilings and retaining walls is finished with a brick-strip facade and anthracite window frames.

The elevation of the property is reflected in the division of the structure into four floors. The basement at the driveway level serves as an entrance, garage and technical facility. The master bedroom with bathroom and study is located on the floor above.


The third floor is then occupied by a generous living space consisting of sitting by a fireplace and a kitchen with dining room, which in the north is extended by a terrace accessible by an outdoor staircase.

With a window more than four metres high, fronted by a loggia, the two highest levels offer an impressive view of the city skyline.

The southern half of the common area opens to the rafters, above the northern is a study in the gallery and a bedroom with a bathroom.